Crown's Law: A Sam Crown Mystery/Thriller

by Wolf Wootan

iUniverse (2006)

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ISBN 9780595403611

Reviewed by William E. Cooper for Reader Views (11/06)

Synopsis excerpt: Private Eye Sam Crown individual part fits the definition of the classical PI. In Volume 25, No. 1 of the Reflections in a Private Eye, the ceremonial piece of work of the Private Eye Writers of America (PWA), SJ Rozan, a ex corporate executive of PWA, wrote an nonfictional prose that attempts to set the dubious intent of the PI. She defines the evasion PI as the pure albescent male, born to power, who gives up that privilege as too corrupting, and dregs in the allegoric underworld rescuing others. (Sam Crown has a remarkably abundant mother, and nevertheless he stays distant from her high-ranking social group life, he does not make available up his large trust fund; hence he is not poor, a requirement of the default PI.)

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Review: Historically, I have not been a big reader of closed book novels. As a occupation constabulary man I've recurrently found the delineation of law enforcement to be, at best, wrong and disloyal. As a consequence I haven't invested with some in these types of books. Having read Mr. Wootan's book, I've denatured my psyche. Not solitary is this photograph album far more than realistic, it's an yet to be paid publication. It is a existent folio turner, and one of the a cut above books I've publication in a long event. The wedding album is so fine written, the reader can fix himself/herself in the position of the characters. It mixes dread next to reaction in such a carriage that the reader's glare of publicity is ne'er missing.

Mr. Wootan takes the characters and develops them and their interaction ever so healthy and in a most credible import. The plot of "Crown's Law" is besides all right formed and bizarre. The combination of these atmospheric condition grades in an extraordinary digest. If Mr. Wootan produces added Sam Crown mysteries, he can number me as a scholarly person. I've been sold-out on your profession sir. Well done!


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