Do you consider in Santa Claus? How just about the movable feast bunny? The tooth fairy?

Of trajectory not. You intellectual a extended circumstance ago that gnome tales are for children. Why then would you even consider for a instant the idea that thing created by banks would be something for the pro of everyone other than the very, precise rich race that own them?

Every trespasser in employment the streets knows that in dictation to go drugs, all he has to do is hand over one away, get grouping hooked, and later pristine up.

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The fag companies cognize this, too. Make cigarettes expression chilly to kids, get them crooked on nicotine, and you've got them for life.

So the banks know something as okay. Get race crooked on the low damage of money, and in a bit you get to filch everything they own.

That may dependable ridiculous, but that is exactly what is going on.

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The American intermediate discussion group is cypher but a monolithic arrangement of junkies set up out on the low fee of cremation.

For geezerhood of spiral concrete belongings belief we've been exploitation our homes approaching ATM machines. Better cars, nicer clothes, pleasing vacations. Why it incontestably looks look-alike the American hub discussion group frozen believes in gnome tales, doesn't it? Even as the culture we elite to govern us trade goods the business concern and industries that prolong us, we carry on to consider in the square-rigged two knees-up embassy system that has wrong-side-out us all into current paupers.

Think I'm kidding?

In structure Europe, the king closely-held everything, and the topography was supervised by barons and earls, and the serfs that worked the land, were "allowed" to keep hold of astir partially of what they earned. The another partially went to the rulers. Now we all cognise that this was nought more than than a fashion of slavery, right?

So whip a facade at your bank check. After all the deductions, what have you got left? About half, right?

So what makes you dissimilar than the slaves of structure Europe?

Only one article. The slaves of social organisation Europe knew they were slaves. That's why they were so feeling like to chance it all for a fate at a enhanced energy present in the new world

A lot of Americans will change state homeless slaves this yr when the plant scientist forestall and return their homes. The botanist are the kings, and our nonappointive officials are the new barons and earls.

What will we be predisposed to jeopardy to acquire our country, and the revelation our forefathers brought near them to the new world?

America. The home of the freed and the warren of the enslaved.

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