Bamburi Beach- Kenya Africa

The side by side beach heading northwesterly is Bamburi, which has gargantuan hotels, rambunctious nightclubs and a few pious restaurants. Offshore is the Mombasa Marine Park which has luxurious naval life, although it cops several impureness from industry in the expanse. On land, Bamburi is controlled by the Bamburi Cement Company.

The sand hotels commence a moment ago northwesterly of the spot concerning Links Rd and the basic highway northeastward from Mombasa. There is division of Barclays guard subsequent to white coast Hotel.

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The best popular with exoteric shoreline is Kenyatta Beach, besides the disreputable pirates Disco. Loads of Kenyans locomote here, and patch you won't exit the attentions of the shoreline boys and hawkers, it's as a rule a fun quality when it's overbusy. Glass bottomed boats to the sailing tract expenditure around Kshs 3,000 per yacht (negotiable) for a 2 ½ 60 minutes trip, not plus a parkland fees.

Beach Sights, deeds & attractions

Founded in the 1950's to method coral limestone, the cement Company were a derelict ugliness until the development of this originative complex of disposition trails and wildlife sanctuaries at Baobab project. It was a massive undertaking, involving delivery in rafts of dirt past anything could even be deep-seated.

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The main magnetism is Haller Park, which includes a wildlife sanctuary, crocodile farm, fish farm, and reptile parcel of land and drive-through ruminant combination. Giraffes are fed at 11 am and 3pm; hippos at 4pm. You can besides assemble local superstar Owen, a babe hippo orphaned by the 2004 tsunami who was brought present to get and hit the head-lines thanks to his innovative harmony beside the park's 100 period old large tortoise.

Also here are the Bamburi Forest Trails, a system of close and sport trails finished reforested concrete mechanics near a lepidopteron collapsible shelter displaying many an coastal taxonomic group and a area to ambush the sunset. North of the chief cement factory is Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary, where herds of ostriches, elands and Oryxes are farmed. Tours present must be reserved in early.

The assorted environs of the Baobab Adventure are economically signposted from the main road northwesterly from Mombasa and have marked bus boodle.

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

Budget and Midrange Beach Hotels

There are no fund choices here at all, but groups in special can discovery several levelheaded semi-detached for a minimalist charge.

Bamburi Beach resort

This orderly minor convoluted has forward accession to the sand and a conclusion of appealing bamboo-finished building suite and same catering flat (with exterior kitchens). There is a nice seaside advanced bar near a big unkempt makuti coiffure. Prices of back-to-back in Mombasa Bamburi coast resort hotel are from US$ 20-90

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach


While the suite are austerely liveable, the underscore of this petite German owned establishment is the big thatched anteroom edifice (mains Kshs 420-700), which resembles a stuffy safari hold overfull next to a oversize job lot of Africana. The coast is 100m gone the complex. Prices of place to stay in Mombasa Fontana seaside resort hotel are from d low season/high season. Kshs 2,500/3,000

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

Camper's Haven and Jamboree

A gigantic a touch jarring inhabitation terrain on the sand. The iv individual tents are Ksh1500; room prices view breakfast in low time period and fractional section in glorious time period. If you're wondering wherever festivity comes into, intermission until the evening-with discotheque nights Wednesday to Sunday and provincial stars the Utamaduni social group playing both Sunday afternoon, peace and peace isn't illustrious on the agenda! Camping fees of fitting in Mombasa camper's haven include, campsites per shelter Kshs 500,

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach



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